Invest in yourself.

Apply the science of learning to any challenge.


Build a  foundation 

you can rely on for the rest of your life. 

 For over twenty years, I have taught students who learn differently.


My passion and focus:

  • Teaching children with dyslexia to unlock the reading code.

  • Helping students with dyscalculia to discover their inner mathematician.

  • Introducing all learners to their limitless minds.

My titles (a partial list):

  • Classroom Teacher

  • Ms. Riz

  • Instructional Coach

  • Learning Specialist

  • Adjunct Professor

  • Mom

This is me giving a presentation for  McLean School Community Education Series about what research tells us about executive function and the brain.


It gives a sense of my thinking and my non-serious style. 

Got a challenge?      That's good news!       (Learning requires a challenge.)






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