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Filling a Pail.    

Now that there is homeschooling, many parents and teachers are confused.

Some are worried that the lack of direct instruction has caused students to fall behind.

Many are concerned about students' losing ground, not being ready for next year's requirements, and having to repeat this school year to make up for missed work.  Adults and children are familiar with this kind of anxiety; it is fueled by the idea that knowledge and time are limited resources. More is better, more and faster is better still.




Lighting a Fire

Some teachers inspire their students.  We all know of classrooms where  students suddenly become switched on.  They are more engaged with the subject than peers in other classes.  Students' energized state is sadly notable, because lack of energy is more often 

the case.



Teaching Students How to Light their own Fires

Much has been written about the learning process since Yeats wrote his famous quote.

Today,  the learning process is shown to be a marvelously complex and human experience.  One's attitude toward  learning is now understood to be more important than the information needed to acquire  it.   


My work in schools as teacher, learning specialist and instructional coach  My goal for the past twenty years has been to  inspire teachers to be inspired by themselves so they can inspire their students to be inspired by themselves.

It is not easy or quick, but teaching people how to be inspired by themselves is a skill that can be learned. 




This is me giving a presentation for  McLean School Community Education Series about what research tells us about executive function and the brain.


It gives a sense of my thinking and my non-serious style. 

Got a challenge?      That's good news!       (Learning requires a challenge.)






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