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"Learning makes us limitless."
~Kate Rizzi

Kids with Capes

Learning is a skill.

Learning is a choice.

Learning requires a challenge.

Specialized Educational Support




Neurotypical & Non Neurotypical

MATH (K-6)
Early Reading
Executive Functioning


Meet Kate Rizzi

Welcome!  Over the past 25 years I have immersed myself in education. I recognize that trust brought you to this website and I am delighted that you are here.

Read About My Work

Author and Professor of Education at Stanford University, Dr Jo Boaler, features Kate Rizzi in her book Limitless Mind.

limitless mind.png

“It is easy to feel open and free when things are going well; it is when things are going badly and challenges...  stand in our way that it is most important to be limitless. One person who exemplified this for me was Kate Rizzi.”

~Jo Boaler

“You can do whatever you are willing to learn”

 ~Kate Rizzi

Girl Reading and Laughing

“I see children skipping after leaving their sessions with Kate.  Parents too.”

— Len Rizzi

Kid's Playing Outdoor

“She doesn’t take the low road, she doesn’t take the high road, she creates her own road.”

— Marilyn O'Brien, Geographer

Kids Doing Homework
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