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You are here because a trusted person in your life suggested it.

I work  with school-age children, adolescents, and adults who want additional assistance in their learning environments. My background and experience provide me a strong foundation from which to work effectively with students with diagnoses of ADHD, math anxiety, dyslexia and dyscalculia, as well as school anxiety.

I provide consultations, individual sessions, parent support, evaluation reviews and teacher trainings.

Throughout my career, I have served in many roles: Teacher, Learning Specialist, Instructional Coach, Administrator, and Professional Development Program Designer. As an innovator in many roles, I have worked to build a network of trust. You are here because you care foremost about your relationship with your child. I can help!

"Learners are my heroes"

~Kate Rizzi

My work is especially relevant now.

Research-driven/ Strength-based

Explore Learning With Me

Step 1
Be a clumsy beginner.

I was just such a beginner in 1998 when I was hired to teach 4th grade with zero teaching experience. Nervous, scared, and sweaty. Lots of bumbling. Many, many newbie mistakes.

Step 2
Be influenceable.

Between my beautiful lesson plans and their implementation, there was a yawning chasm of “not what I was expecting”... not by a long shot. I found heroes to model myself after: Debbie Dosh, a luminous sun whose radiance made everyone around her feel like the shiniest version of themselves. Nancie Atwell, an authentic human who shared her writing process with her students and made it accessible to everyone.

Step 3
Take an experimental approach.
  • The more I noticed where the lessons fell short, the more I looked for models to emulate.

  • The more I practiced being like my mentors, the more I noticed where I fell short.

  • The more I noticed my mistakes, the more I improved my teaching skills.

Step 4
Share what you learn.

I have designed programs for students and professionals that center around the experience of profound learning.

I have learned to:

  • Deliver national presentations

  • Teach and mentor graduate students

  • Consult with clients of all stripes, including parents and teachers

  • Teach students how to be inspired by themselves.

My Philosophy

I work with parents too!

Learning is a skill.

Learning is a choice.

Learning requires a challenge.

How Can I Help?

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